Respect the Greats.

Don’t cry that it’s over. Smile that it happened.

This shall be the epic generation which scales again the the heights of time and history to see once more the immortal lights — the lights of sacrifice and high endeavor summoning through ordeal the soul of humanity to the sublime and the eternal. The alternatives of our age are heroism or oblivion. There are no lesser paths in the history of great nations. Can we, therefore, doubt which path to choose?

When the Russian Comintern was about to make the country prey of communism, it was a national movement that saved it and gave hopes for the revolution, its channel and direction. Collaboration-organized youth of Spain was a new facet of the general movement of European youth, which twenty-five years ago launched forth in open rebellion against the old, decayed and senile selfishness. Liberalism succumbed to its impetus. Empty slogans and vacillations were swept overboard and the task attacked in a revolutionary manner.

In our opinion, this maturing youthful enthusiasm still represents the strongest and most positive social factor. There not only was a fusion with our national and social ideals, but also with our Catholic soul, our country’s raison d’etre, our history and our greatness. The Spanish solution was a union between national and social forces with supremacy of spiritual forces. On those true, unassailable principles our whole political work was based and will appear greater as time passes.

All this is not my doing, but that of the Greek people, who always stood up true to their tradition, so long as they were united and disciplined, rather than slavish blind political followers. Under these conditions the divisions of the past- the factionalism- these virtues and attributes disappeared, so that all my efforts from the start -when I assumed power- were directed at recovering these virtues, so that the nation would be psychologically ready for the 28th of October.

They sent the soldiers with the brass bands playing and with the flags flying, promising them that when the camp fires had died down and they had returned home they were going to kill the fatted calf, that they were going to get the robe and put it on the back of the son returning home, and that the greatness of the land would be theirs eternally if ever they had the misfortune to suffer the slightest disability in the cause of serving democracy and humanity and America.

I did not go to that war, Mr. President… I did not go because it was not the first time in history that the sons of America had volunteered themselves as cannon fodder under the misguided apprehension that it was going to be a fight for humanity, when they were used in that war and in the years following, and are used today and in the years to follow, for the purpose of centralizing the wealth of the United States and of the world in the hands of the few.

None of these men did anything wrong, and never let anyone tell you differently.

Banging the War Drums

I’m not a political scientist, nor a military strategist. But I think I see the whole idea behind this potential war with Russia.

The gist of it is, much like Covid, war will be a crisis that’s meant to make “President” Biden look good. No one credits the Covid jabs to Trump; the amount of Americans getting vaxxed is Biden’s victory. No one will care that he’s green-screened into fake meetings with the press, or that he can’t finish a sentence when he’s supposedly curing the Black Death. It’s a way to cover up their stolen election, and sweep it under the rug. If anyone tries to push against their blatant electoral fraud they’ll demand “What?! You want to throw out the guy who saved us from Covid?!?”

Likewise, going to war will mean people will look to their leader. (Hey, I didn’t say this was a smart idea.) Each victory will make Biden look good, and so CNN will cover it in detail, while each defeat will only be covered on smaller networks like OANN. Much like Lincoln, if this war does happen, Biden’s legacy will depend on it… if Biden will have any legacy to speak of. I expect him to die (or rather, to be revealed to have been dead for a while) later this year. The war will be a propaganda tool, to make him seem more legitimate.

However, the one problem with this theory is that war with Russia is a monumentally stupid idea. Our military is inundated with SJW nonsense. The soldier trying to scare off the black guy casing his joint is being investigated by one of Fort Jackson’s generals. The officer class is absolutely convinced that the diversity of the American military (which, now that Trump is gone, will include trannies) is actually an edge against Russia.

Even without all that, the Army has become weaker. Covid hasn’t helped, but things were going downhill before then too. The Shark Attack was removed not because of any quarantine measures, but because it apparently inspired “distrust” between recruits and their instructors.

The Army is currently trying to implement a new physical fitness test called the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) to replace the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) which had different standards for men and women. Instead of making women do the same number of pushups and sit-ups as the men, there is now a complicated six-event setup, consisting of pushups, a ball-throw, the sprint-drag-carry, dead-lifts, leg-tucks, and a two-mile run just like the APFT. Most units can’t get access to this much equipment long enough to get around to everyone.

But it really doesn’t matter, because a lot of the higher-ups want to scrap it because of how unfair equal standards are to women. It’s usually the leg-tuck that gets them: you have to dangle from a bar and use your abs to bring your knees up to your elbow. Women apparently have no core strength, so a large percentage of them fail the test. Luckily, women going through Basic Training can get waived for one event in the ACFT by their commander.

In short, we’re screwed.

And don’t think this doesn’t apply to the other branches too. The Navy, the Airforce, and the Coast Guard have never been as physically demanding as the Army, and while the Marines are a lot tougher than any of them, they’re heading that way too. They too make a lot of concessions so that women can succeed along with the men.

But why should any of that matter to the war mongers in the White House? America being undefeatable is one of those things that is true because it ought to be true, much like men and women being the same, and all White people being Nazis. A war with Russia will be a quick and bloody affair, ending with Russian control over a good deal more of Europe.

While no one should ever wish for war to happen, if it happens, our prayers should go to the hope that we lose. If it does happen, we don’t want Biden to have this propaganda victory, and in all honesty, we shouldn’t want to win against a nation that’s done literally nothing wrong.

Pray for peace.

Do It Yourself: Surgical Sorcery!

Sorry for not putting out a story on Tuesday. I had a very ambitious story for it that I couldn’t finish, so I hope to put it out next Tuesday.

In the meantime, enjoy this short comedic fantasy about an apprentice trying to use magic to cure his lazy eye through rather dangerous means! And be sure to like and follow me on Belletristica!

You are NOT safe.

Things like Marleyans killing their adopted Eldian children is one thing. It’s shocking and disgusting, but the likelihood seems very small. The problem with red-pilling people is that every single murder of an Eldian by a Marleyan is just one incident. No matter how much horrible news they watch, or how many horrible stories they read, normies don’t walk down the street fearing for their lives. Depending on where you live, that isn’t an unreasonable assumption. But if you really wanna redpill the people in your life, show them things like this:

It’s like they didn’t even watch the video. Yes, I’m sure a young black man just standing around for fifteen minutes in a neighborhood he does not live in is perfectly innocent. Totally wasn’t casing them at all. And now this proud and respected Sergeant in the US Army is being investigated by his own commander and by the local sheriff for assault, with a group of angry protestors outside his front door. If you’re still on Instagram, drop a kind message in his DMs.

Lesson 1: when you see stuff like this, just call the police. Keep plenty of guns in the house and on your person at all times. Don’t get yourself on video.

Lesson 2: Eldians are not allowed to even suspect Marleyans of criminal activity. Trying to protect your neighborhood from Marleyan aggression is a hate crime.

These people are going to be let into your country, and then your cities, and then your neighborhood, and soon your homes. It will be a constant Kristallnacht against White people, and you will deserve it because of slavery.

You cannot avoid it, because as always, there are no Honorary Marleyans and there are no Good Eldians.

Politics is Politics

A bit of old news, but this is exactly what we want to see more of from whatever’s left of conservatism in government:

An extraordinary event took place in Georgia on Wednesday night. Republicans sought to cancel a tax break for Delta Air Lines, the state’s biggest employer, as punishment for the heresy of criticizing the new voter-suppression law Republicans passed last week.

And a top Republican has openly, blithely confirmed that this was exactly the motive.

“They like our public policy when we’re doing things that benefit them,” said House Speaker David Ralston, adding: “You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand. You got to keep that in mind sometimes.”

This might come as a shock, but corruption and degeneracy are wrong, and opposing those things are right. What we have here is a rare example of a Republican actually realizing that what he’s fighting for is just and truthful, and that people who are against those things deserve to be punished. Supporting gay marriage is not merely a political difference, it is radical and immoral. Same goes for abortion and gun control.

Imagine if we started doing this to every company that made their profile picture a rainbow flag during pride month!

It’s Finally Here!

My first officially published story, titled Arkborn, which you can read in the latest issue of The White People’s Quarterly!

Martin Friedrich’s two outstanding pieces, “Homeric Crossroads” and “The Great Noon,” offer sound, philosophical analyses of Homeric works and the writings of Nietzsche, superb original short stories by Jason Knight and Sean Haughton respectively bring heavy doses of mythology and dystopia to the fore, and poetry by Alastair Spate and Jared George represent the contrast and variety The WPQ continually delivers, with the former covering the recent killings of Whites like Justine Damond and Ashli Babbitt, and the latter spotlighting the aesthetic lyricism of George.

You can also find it on the sidebar, under “My Fiction/Poetry!”

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

Haters Will Say It’s Fake

God is the only one that can heal a tranny:

I am a former practicing homosexual and female impersonator. I’d say transgender woman… but the farther I get from that life, and the more I heal from it, the more honest I get. And well, no one can ever change sex. And it’s ridiculously sexist to say I was at all a woman, knowing what I do now.

I try to fit in with others who have detransitioned… But they still believe it’s healthy to practice homosexuality. They don’t understand it like I do – as a disease I need to heal from. So where else can I go except to other Christians?

I feel so… silenced. So I’m speaking now. I believe homosexuality and gender dysphoria are both mental disorders. Why? Because the more I accept and embrace myself as a man, the more I take guidance from unbiased research including reparative therapy (pejoratively called conversion therapy), the more I bond with other males, the more I embrace the design of our creator, the more it all just melts away.

For the past year I have been opposite sex attracted. I feel so fortunate to have received this gift. Straightness is not the goal when a queer person comes to God – it is sometimes a wonderful byproduct of the true goal – HEALING.

Thank you for reading, and God bless you.

Never let anyone tell you that LGBT people can’t change.

The One Group

I really hate trannies. They are the worst of the left’s inventions.

Hate White people all you want. Blasphemy against Christ is freedom of speech. All men are pigs? Whatever.

But trannies are the one group I have always hated instinctually. It took me a long time to realize that Christian interests should be shown favoritism in Christian countries, and that we should write that into the constitution. It took me even longer to accept that America is a White country, and that if that changes things are looking pretty grim for us. It was only after that when I started to realize that Jews were behind a lot of anti-White pogroms, and that the Holocaust may have been greatly exaggerated. All this didn’t come to me until I was entering my adult years.

But when I met a real-life tranny for the first time when I was 14, I felt nothing but revulsion. No one taught me this, no one red pilled me on it. I just felt hate for this she who thought she was a he. I refused to call her by her male name, I refused to call her by male pronouns, I did everything I could to avoid her. I didn’t think of it as hate back then, not really. I was a Ben Shapiro fan back then, so if you asked me about it, I would’ve said that what I really hated was the fact that everyone wanted me to go along and entertain this delusion. It wouldn’t have been a lie, but it wasn’t true either.


I feel no sympathy for them, not anymore. My parents taught me that they’re mentally ill, and that we need to find a way to cure them. The truth is, we don’t need to cure them, we need to be cured of them.

I’m not a scientist, but I don’t think gender dysphoria is a real mental illness. I think it’s a fetish, merely exacerbated by other conditions like autism and depression. I honestly can’t go into all the details on a blog meant for families.

Trannies have no moral value as human beings. All they want to do is rape and sexually harass women, and they should be treated just like sex offenders all the time. They should all be pre-emptively put in prison for the crime of rape, so that we can be rid of them for a long time. This isn’t a morality of identity, because trans people can choose to stop being disgusting perverts whenever they want. Unless of course, they’ve already mutilated their bodies beyond recognition.

If you see a tranny in public, remember to bully them.

Thank you!